Sāraswatham Foundation, co-founded by Renjith and Vijna, is an endeavour to integrate Bharatanatyam, Music and Yoga, to create a space for creativity, thought and action.

Founded in 2002 as “Dhwani”, the name Sāraswatham emerged in 2016 from a moment of serendipity, which also provided a new sense of direction.

Over the past few years the foundation has constantly supported its students in their journey to their inner self. It is firmly rooted in the belief that dance is a wholesome process, a journey where you not only learn dance, but also evolve as a person.

Sāraswatham Foundation

Sāraswatham has worked towards instilling the importance of precision, finesse, clarity of technique and artistic intent in its students through the medium of Bharatanatyam. The seeds of the foundation were sown in 2002 by Renjith Babu. The name Sāraswatham, which stands for ‘knowledge’ or ‘inward journey’, emerged from a moment of serendipity, a moment which also provided a new sense of direction to the foundation. This moment came about when Renjith & Vijna’s spiritual guru, Sri. Ramanacharanatirtha Nochur Venkataraman, an acharya of Vedanta Sampradaya, suggested the name Sāraswatham. Sāraswatham has established a firm footing as one of the premiere dance institutions in Chennai. The foundation conducts regular Bharatanatyam classes and also hosts various workshops, talks and performances on a regular basis. For Renjith & Vijna, Sāraswatham is a humble initiative that hopes to make a difference to the world through the medium of performing arts.



Dance is a joyous experience as it unleashes a vibrant energy source from within, revitalizing the body and enriching the mind and spirit. Dance instills a unique sense of discipline, influencing a dancer's life beyond dance. Learning dance opens the door to one's true self by revealing the values and ideals inherent in Indian heritage.


Our Philosophy

The lotus is the centre of Sāraswatham Foundation because the flower embodies auspiciousness and divinity that resonates with the spirit of the foundation. Primarily focusing on Bharatanatyam, Yoga and Kalari are additional vehicles that support the flowering of movement, a journey towards the inner self that is eternal, ideal and divine. At Sāraswatham, students of the artform are taught to dance Bharatanatyam, understand the meaning of why they dance and are exposed to techniques that will nurture their soul to self-consciousness. The foundation has also branched out towards organising workshops, art immersions, performances and festivals across different spaces. Movement is therapy and lifegiving. Sāraswatham Foundation strives to give back to the artistic community as a tribute to all the contributions that the collective consciousness has enabled for the spirit of great art.

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